About Us

Our Story

After years of buying luggage in stores and going through trauma of lugging them back in pesky traffic and public transportation to the evil stares of follow commuters, the team at Singli decided to take action! We wanted luggage and travel accessories delivered to our doorstep! It is, after all, the 21st century!

We created Singli - Asia's first and only online retailer for luggage and travel accessories. We, much like you, appreciate an easy and convenient shopping experience from the comforts of your own home or office in your pajamas, suit or otherwise. By giving you a large variety of brands and a wide assortment of products available, we are empowering you to have your travelling needs taken care off without stress or heavy lifting. There is literally something for anyone who need a travel bag!

 We’re based in Hong Kong and we carry both local and international brands in our store and have built great relationships with some to ensure we’re their sole distributors. We assure you that you will only be getting high quality, genuine products that have been thoroughly verified by our Singli experts, because we take our business seriously.

Because we want things fast, we offer same day delivery for those who are like us, eager to start packing and enjoying out brand new luggage bags! We’re also into total customer satisfaction and we won’t accept it if you’re not satisfied with the product(s) you have purchased. Seriously, we have a hassle-free return policy built in, no questions asked!